Allow us, the Super Friends of party, event, and concert producers, to whole-heartedly invite you to LOBSTER ROCK- the next incarnation of an old South Bay tradition- RAMPED UP with three days of rippin' bands, killer DJ's, radical vendors, and the MOST INCREDIBLE lobster and seafood offerings the South Bay has to offer brought to you directly from the chefs and restaurants that created them! Oh, and how did we forget, TWO SEMI TRAILERS FULL OF BEER AND WINE! Yewwww!! (We told you we like to party... Responsibly though... Because we're getting older... But it still counts.)

So whether you prefer to sip a slightly-chilled, oaky chardonnay while daintily nibbling on a freshly prepared lobster tail or you like to smash a MONSTER lobster roll with your buttery paws wrapped around a face-punching IPA, we've got you covered!! Wanna dance all hippie-like barefoot in the sand? That's fine. Wanna rock out and play air guitar like a maniac? That's cool too. Just don't split your pants, there, David Lee Roth. Dress up. Dress down. It doesn't matter. We've got something for everyone!

This is the party of all parties for the coolest of the cool: our friends, family, and neighbors in the South Bay! Come as you are. Bring your friends. Leave your worries at home, and let's celebrate that So Cal beach life!


-Mike B.